When analyzing your business model, it is vitally important to consider all the best potential sources of capital early on.

We take a Right-financing approach towards determining the best financing objectives and types of capital for your company.

This means that we focus on your short term and long term financing needs, to help keep your company moving forward.




Not all loans are alike. In fact, there are many different types of loans for businesses, that go beyond just rates and terms.

For starters, there are unsecured loans, which are credit and cash flow driven, and there are secured loans, which can be structured using your company's assets as collateral. Differing loans will also have varying rates and terms.
A business line of credit is more flexible than a loan in terms of usage and repayment. Typically, you pay on the amount you use, versus on a lump sum. It is revolving capital that is limited by the size of the credit line.

A line of credit is not necessarily the best option if you have a large ticket acquisition in mind. It is a powerful tool for everyday use.

For companies with fewer tangible assets beyond their receivables, or that may want to explore other financing options, there is Invoice Financing.

Also called Accounts Receivable (A/R)  Financing, it involves the use of your invoices to secure capital. It may be in the form of an A/R-backed Asset Based Loan, Invoice Factoring, or Accounts Receivable Securitization.
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  1. Your Capital Cornerstone
    Your Capital Cornerstone
    Fidelis Is True
    Allow us to be a dependable part of your ongoing capital plans. We have experience taking companies from their early stages to their exits.
  2. International Solutions
    International Solutions
    Fidelis Does Global
    If your business is selling in several countries, and does business in Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Australia, England, France, etc., we may have the solution for your company.
  3. We're Open For Business!
    We're Open For Business!
    Fidelis Means Business
    We have financing solutions from wholesale to retail. If you're a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer, our door is always open to you!
  4. Fidelis Is Competitive
    Not all financing sources are created equal. We strive to provide you with the best possible terms, pricing, and structure for your current and future financing needs.
Working Capital Now
Most traditional lending institutions consider businesses newer than three years, and sometimes as long as five years, to be unbankable. As such, these companies are unable to obtain any or all of the funding that they require because:

  • They may lack a solid Business Plan.
  • They may lack an established track record.
  • They may lack adequate assets or financial security.
  • The banks/lenders simply may not want to lend to them.

At Fidelis Financial, we provide alternative financing options outside of banking, which makes you "bankable" to us!

As your company progresses through its life cycle, what are the financing options available to you at each stage? Our experienced financiers will show you the various options available, and provide you all the alternatives you can explore to finance your company.

Contact us to discuss the important nuances with the different forms of available financing available to you. Chances are, as your company grows you will need multiple, and overlapping, forms of capital.

Download a complimentary copy of our Growth Capital Solutions chart to see where your company is currently at in its life cycle.